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Category of Directed/Inverse Systems and the Direct/Inverse Limit Functor (Pt. IV)

Point of Post: This is a continuation of this post.

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What we’d now like to show is that, similar to the case of \varinjlim, \varprojlim is an “exact” functor, where we define exactness of inverse systems the exact same way we define it for directed systems (e.g. the individuals sequences are exact), but unfortunately things don’t work out quite as well as they did for direct limits. Namely, we can really only prove that the inverse limit functor is “left exact” which means it takes exact sequences, where the leftmost map is injective  to exact sequences where the left most map is injective.

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Theorem: Let 

\text{ }


\text{ }

be an exact sequence of inverse systems over some directed set \left(\mathcal{A},\leqslant\right) (where \varprojlim L_\alpha,\varprojlim M_\alpha, and \varprojlim N_\alpha have limit cones \{\psi_\alpha\},\{\eta_\alpha\}, and \{\varphi_\alpha\} respectively) then

\text{ }

0\to \varprojlim L_\alpha\xrightarrow{\varprojlim v_\alpha}\varprojlim M_\alpha\xrightarrow{\varprojlim w_\alpha}\varprojlim N_\alpha

\text{ }

is an exact sequence of R-maps.

\text{ }

We postpone the proof of this, so that we may give a cool proof of it using abstract nonsense concerning adjoint functors.

\text{ }

\text{ }


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  1. […] and so right exact. This also allows us to finally complete a long-standing promise. Namely, a long time ago we claimed that the inverse limit functor was left exact. This now follows immediately since this is just a limit functor which we know is a right adjoint […]

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